Kahrammana and the forty thieves


At the first glance many people think that the forty thieves are Ali Baba’s because that story is famous with that number of thieves but they are quite different !
Our story took place in Baghdad in old times where there was a clover and a brave girl her name is Kahrammana lives with her father, who owned a Khan that it is similar to a hotel nowadays, Many of the convoys and travelers stayed in it through their long traveling.
Also he owned a wagon that carrying a jars that he used it for selling oil in market, every morning he went to the market to transports an oil filling jars and selling it there.
One cold winter night, Kahrammana got up from her bed after hearing strange noises, she saw a number of strangers hiding in empty jars but they were still overlooking through their hiding heads, shortly after the place filled with police but the thieves still hiding, Kahrammana sped to wake up her father and tell him about them.
Kahrammana and her father thought of a way to expose the thieves so the police see them, they decided to make a noise in khan so when the thieves hide their heads in jars Kahrammana and her father can perform their plan, and after they made a noise the thieves scared and hided, Kahrammana started to pour the jars with hot oil until she approached to fill jars with hot oil they went out from jars and screamed,that prompting the police to catch them.
Kahrammana is a symbolizes truth and courage in Baghdadi history, nowadays Kahrammana has a statue in central Baghdad and was placed in this current site in the 70s.